Trash Can Daiquiri

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Trash Can  Daiquiri

White Rum, Citrus Oleo Saccharum, Acid, Water

Sat around a table, people in power discuss our future and how to keep the mercury from rising. The conference centre's rooms are kept beatifically cool, the food and drink flows. If the Paris Agreement was the starting gun, is this the last throw of the dice? Enjoy your drink - you're gonna need it.

Devised for COP26, we tried to make this as close to zero waste as possible, using surplus lemon, lime and grapefruits from the bar and juice-making industries and donated White Rum from East London Liquor Co.

Each order contains:
1x 250ml Trash Can Daiquiri - enough for two large, strong serves
1x A6 Spot colour print

£8.45 from every drink sold is donated to The Felix Project, a food redistribution charity in London fighting food waste and hunger. To read more about their work visit