Flower Power Martini

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Flower Power Martini

Remember hangovers? I went almost a whole year without having one. It’s hard to really get stuck in when you’re bubbling at home with your bubble.

Of course, that all ended when the pubs opened the other week. Not sure if the Office for National Statistics have been keeping an eye on the nation’s productivity in the month of April but I’d guess it fell off a cliff shortly after the 12th.

Anyway, the sun’s out and the third summer of love is incoming -- drop out, take a dose and worry about the future tomorrow.

Each order contains:
1x 250ml Flower Power Martini - enough for two large, strong serves
1x A6 print with Spot UV lamination + drink recipe on reverse

The profits for this project are being distributed to organisations battling food poverty. This release is supporting Hackney Food Bank, with £5.80 from each drink sale going directly to them.

Read about Hackney Food Bank here: https://hackney.foodbank.org.uk